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The August shoot in in the books! Looks like good shooting all around, at least from this side of the pond.

Ninety five singles, ninety handicap and eighty seven doubles scores were posted.

Two new members joined the club; Rick Courtright, and Brendan Casillas. Welcome to the club!

Three guests took part in the shoot; Jesse Dalangia, Nick Barrick and Bruce Weidner. We hope you enjoyed the day and will consider becoming a member.

Our HOA Champions for August are John Kinum and Mike Wirz with a score of 194.

HOA Winners for August 2018

Champion Score
AAA Terry Bibey 193
AA Craig Abbott 191
A Tom Parr 193
B Anthony J. Benigno 190
C Michael Ends 185
D Jerry Callaway 181
D Doug Greeno 181

For a complete rundown of the event winners and scores please see the Shoot Results.  Check out the Newsletter for all special events and monthly prize winners.

Version 12 of the Club Rules has been adopted and has been published on the Rules and Bylaws tab above. Go the Rules and Bylaws page to see current rules and prior versions.

The photo gallery is back!!. A new slide show has been created that will run on all browsers and tablets. The pictures are great and really add lot to the shoot experience. Thanks to Herb Jones and John Kinum for taking this months pictures. The club has a couple of simple cameras for taking the pictures. Get involved and volunteer to take pictures one month. See John Carmadella or Mike Goff for the details.

Continuing Changes for the 2016/2017 Shoot Year:

  1. Prize money will remain at the double rate: up from prior years to the current $20.00 per event. That’s $80.00 if you win your Singles Class, your Doubles Class, your Handicap Class and HOA Class.

  2. Guaranteed minimum payout on Handicap Jackpot Prize! It costs $2 to enter and you need to have participated in the handicap event for six shoots to establish your handicap distance and eligibility. A score of 50 wins, and if there is no winner, a score of 49 takes half the pot. If the pot is below $50.00 for winners or $25.00 for half Jackpot winners, the club will make up the difference.

Shell Carrier

Early-Bird doubles are up and running.  Speed Lane works best or be through the line by 7:30 and ready to go at 8:00AM with your gear in hand.  It may be just the ticket for hot weather shooting. 

Guest shooters of all skill levels are always welcome, so come on out and shoot with us.
* Membership applications are available under the "application" tab on this home page.
* Please see Rules & Bylaws for award eligibility.


Our shoots are held at Redlands Shooting Park. Sign-up 7:30 to 9:00 AM.
Members and guests are welcome.

Shoot Schedule for 2017 - 2018

October 1, 2017 April 8, 2018*
November 5, 2017 May 6, 2018
December 3, 2017 June 10, 2018*
January 7, 2018 July 1, 2018
January 28, 2018* August 5, 2018
March 4, 2018 August 26, 2018*
*Note: These dates are not the first Sunday of the month.

Pre-Squad and/or Speed Lane

You may either Pre-Squad or Pre-Squad with Speed Lane. Pre-Squad is reserved squad & post- Regular line for handicapping and cashier. Speed Lane is pre-squad with pre-paid and pre-handicapping Speed Lane has your shoot ticket prepared in advance, pick it up and shoot

Pre-Squad or Speed Lane call Margot Bachenberg 909-628-8408 or email her

Entry Fees 2016 - 2017

  Member Junior Guest
100 Targets, 6 Classes
$36 $28 $32
50 Targets, 5 Groups
$19 $15 $17
25 Pair, 6 Classes
$19 $15 $17
Administrative Fee $5 $5 $5


Lewis Purse: three classes $10 entry - singles only everyone welcome
Handicap Jackpot: $2 entry, members only may enter after 6 shoots
Each yardage shoots for its own Jackpot: 50 = 100% / 49 = 50%, ties split

Monthly Buckle Program for 2016 - 2017

Each shoot month three buckles or a cash prize will be awarded: Senior Veteran (70+), and two classes in Singles, Doubles and Handicap on a rotating basis. You may only win one per event per year. Eligible Singles and Doubles classes are rotated each month

Bill and Ruthie Hunter Sterling Silver Awards

Hunter Awards
Monthly: The Sterling Silver Money Clip will be awarded to a rotating Handicap Yardage.
Monthly: The Sterling Silver Necklace will be awarded to High Lady in rotating events.

Monthly Prizes

There are monthly prizes for all winning members, in all classes and yardage.
HOA, Singles, Handicap, Doubles, Hi Lady, Hi Vet and Hi Jr.
The winner of tied scores is determined by long run.

Tri County Trap Club Annual Award Program

Annual Awards

We have two award programs, the Annual Awards Program and the Twelve Point Buckle Program.

Twelve Point The main difference is the Twelve Point Buckle Program does not have a minimum shoot attendance requirement in order to qualify. Earn your twelve points and you earn the buckle. You could earn one in as few as three months. In each future year, qualifiers will receive a diamond chip along with that year engraved on their buckle.
Buckle The Annual Awards Program is a "Best of 9" shoots format. You need a minimum of nine to qualify. It provides for an overall annual Grand Champion plus first place buckles to all classes and yardage groups. Ties receive duplicate buckles.
Buckle In addition to the Annual Awards there is annual qualifying for eligibility into the Champion of Champions competition held at the first shoot of the next target year. This annual event usually takes place in July and runs concurrent with the regular club shoot.

Please see our Annual Award/ Rules/By-Laws tab available on our web site for the complete rules and eligibility requirements.

Earning 12 Point-Buckle Points

It takes 12 points to earn a 12-point buckle. A shooter can earn as many as 4 points per shoot. Points are earned two ways. You earn a point by shooting the high score in your in Singles class, Doubles class, HOA class or your Yardage group. Each high score in an event earns one point.

A point can also be earned by shooting a score equal to or better than prior target years average winning score in any of a shooter's classifications or yardage group.

2016 - 2017 Shoot Year Over Average Points Table

Event AAA AA A B C D
Singles 98 97 96 95 93 88
Doubles 47 46 45 43 42 39
HOA 189 187 183 179 175 168
27 25-26 22-24 21 20
Handicap 46 45 45 44 44


Annual Membership $35.00/Apr-Sep $20.00
Family Membership $50.00/Apr-Sep $25.00
One Time Initiation Fee $30.00
Guests may shoot 2 times without paying the membership fees.

Averages and Reductions

Member's averages are calculated and maintained by the club handicapper. A shooter may refuse a reduction and stay at a minimum of that class or yardage for the remainder of the shoot year. It is each shooters responsibility to verify that he/she is properly classified prior to shooting the event.

Classification System

Tri County Trap Club members compete in all 3 of the typical American Trap Disciplines, Singles, Handicap, and Doubles. Six classes for Singles and Doubles (AAA, AA, A, B, C & D) as well as five Yardage Groups (20, 21, 22-24, 25-26, & 27) accommodate all skill levels.

2016 - 2017 Shoot Year Average Standards

Class Singles Doubles
AAA 98 and greater 46.5 and greater
AA 96.25 but less than 98 44.5 but less than 46.5
A 94.75 but less than 96.26 43 but less than 44.5
B 93 but less than 94.75 41.5 but less than 43
C 90 but less than 93 39 but less than 41.5
D Less than 90 Less than 39
Handicap Reduction (All Yardage) 43

If you win or tie in your class or yardage you move up one class or one yard.

Reductions are awarded based on a 3 score review system. This system levels the playing field by allowing each member to compete with other shooters of similar skill levels for the Monthly prizes and Annual Awards. You may refuse reductions. If you refuse a reduction, you must stay in at minimum that class or yardage for the remainder of the target year.

New non-ATA members are assigned to B class Singles and Doubles. They are assigned to the 20 Yard Line for the handicap event. Joining ATA members are assigned to their ATA class and yardage for three shoots then evaluated and the clubs classification method is used going forward.

Special Categories including Veterans, Senior Veterans, Ladies, and Juniors serve to further ensure each member's opportunity to compete successfully.


From either direction on Interstate 10, turn off at the Downtown Redlands off ramp and go straight 1 block to Orange, then head north on Orange. Redlands Shooting Park is on the left shortly after the stop sign.

Have Fun and enjoy the day!