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Pre-Squad and/or Speed Lane

Please call or click here to email Margot Bachenberg 909-628-8408

Speed Lane means prepaid and pre-squadded

Your shoot ticket will be completed in advance. Just check in at the speed lane table, get your copy and you're good to go.

Pre-squad is the regular sign up line with reserved squadding.

Please provide all your events including the Lewis and Handicap Jackpot to Margot for speed Lane calculations. This will allow the tickets to be completed in advance.

Let us know your preferred or Regular Club Squad and Post number for Singles and Handicap and we'll do our best to assign those positions to you.

Yardage Rules for Handicap Events

18, 19 and 20 Yards No more than 1 yard between adjacent shooter, no more than 2 yard total different in the squad
21 thru 27 Yards No more than 2 yard between adjacent shooter, no more than 3 yard total different in the squad

If you are shooting as a group please put your preferred Squad/Post in one email or phone call.

There's no need to request Squad/Post positions for Doubles. We shoot anytime walk-up Doubles until about noon. There is no pre-squadding for the Doubles event, but we will need to know if you are shooting Doubles at the shoot.

Include any questions you may have regarding pre-squadding in your emails or phone calls.